Crate of Stacked Kiln Dried Ash Logs 25cm 1.5 Cubic Meter Crate


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1.5 cbm crate of hand stacked kiln dried Oak or Ash logs

Length 25cm Width: 2″ to 6″  approx. 1.5 cbm stacked (same as 2.5 cbm loose) size 115x84x144cm

Our Kiln dried Firewood (Ash or Oak) is heated in a Kiln to reduce the moisture content to below 15%.

This gives a longer burning time and higher, more intense, heat output.

  • 100% Kiln dried hardwood.
  • Burning time of 1.2 cubic meters stacked is approx. 3 months.
  • Moisture content below 15% Log length 25 cm.
  • Kiln logs are more efficient and economical with slow burning at very high temperature. 35% more calorific than seasoned firewood logs, this means you get four times more burning time than you would with soft wood.
  • Ideal for standard sized stoves and fireplaces.
  • Low Maintenance fuel.
  • Hardly any ashes.
  • Reduces Chimney cleaning, hardly any soot or smoke, their is no natural glue in hardwood unlike soft wood that will clog up your flue.
  • Reduces burn on glass fronted stoves.
  • Easy and clean fuel to handle. High Heat Output.

All Kiln logs have been dried in a kiln. This is an ideal way to reduce the moisture content of the logs below 20%  the lower the moisture content of your firewood, the more heat is produced as less energy is used to evaporate any remaining moisture in the log.

At logonforlogs all our wood ash, oak, beech, and birch have been certified before cutting.

The courier driver will take the pallet of using a tail lift and pallet truck, the pallet truck will only move on a smooth level surface. Please note we only guarantee a kerbside delivery it is at the discretion of the driver as to how far the pallet can be left inside your driveway.

The courier vehicle requires clearances of 3M (10ft) in width and 5m (17ft) in height to access your property, this includes overhanging branches etc. If you have a narrow road or difficult access, we recommend calling us before hand to check if we can deliver to your home.

Please note for local deliveries of large crates of oak or ash, the top 30cm of the crate will be removed and stacked on a separate pallet, we will deliver the two pallets using a boxed Luton van with a tail lift.

For any inquires telephone Trevor 028 70326710

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