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The Firewood Poem

Beechwood fires are bright and clear If the logs are kept a year, Chestnut’s only good they say, If for logs ’tis laid away. Make a fire of Elder tree, Death within your house will be; But ash new or ash old, Is fit for a queen with crown of gold Birch and fir logs […]

Kiln dried beech logs

We have kiln dried beech logs arriving on Thursday 27th of September. Kiln dried beech logs will give a real rich bright calm flame, have a high energy heat output and a long burning time. Beech logs are used for wood burning stoves, especially good for pizza ovens and out door barbecues. Our kiln dried […]

The benefits of Kiln-drying firewood

Kiln drying is an industrial unit operation used to accelerate the drying of wood. A wood drying kiln is an enclosed space where air speed, temperature and humidity are controlled. Natural air-dying of wood can take weeks or months, while a wood drying kiln can complete the process in less than three days. The process […]