Pizza Ovens are perfect for our Kiln Dried Firewood

April 19, 2017 0 By trevor

Pizza Ovens are best used with Kiln Dried Firewood. Read below to discover why!

When it comes to choosing which logs to use with your pizza oven, the number one priority should be the moisture content, followed by the wood species.

Pizza ovens – indoor and outdoor, require logs extremely low in moisture content to significantly reduce the amount of smoke generated by the fire; the last thing you need is pizza that tastes like it’s literally been sat on a bed of ash!

This makes kiln dried logs the ideal option, however it’s still important to inquire as to the moisture content of the kiln dried logs, as this will vary between suppliers.

When it comes to buying logs for cooking, the ideal moisture content should be no greater than 10% externally and up to 25% internally – this will ensure you can create small, easy to light fires that reach your desired temperatures quicker, with very minimal smoke and effort.

Struggling with a fire that can’t sustain the correct cooking temperature when you have hungry guests waiting is a situation no-one wants to be in!

The species of wood will determine how long the logs burn for – using a few smaller pieces to establish the fire with a handful of kindling, you can then start to add larger pieces to create a long sustained fire. Ash logs are dense and will burn for a longer period than other hardwoods, however most customers opt for Birch for using with pizza ovens as they get hotter quicker.

During the summer months we supply tons of wood for pizza ovens to residential customers, and supply wood fired pizza restaurants all year round.

All of our kiln dried logs are perfect for using with pizza ovens – check out some of our listings below or check out all of our products.