40 Bags of Kiln Dried Logs


Kiln dried logs, 40 Net Bags Of Kiln Dried Ash, Oak, or Birch Logs, Certified wood.

Oak logs have the longest burning time and the highest heat output, but are the hardest to light. Ash logs have slightly less burning time and heat output than oak. Birch logs are known as The Camper Friend as they are the easiest to light, but burns up a bit faster than ash or oak.

Our Kiln dried Wood ( Ash, Oak , Birch) is heated in a Kiln to reduce the moisture content to below 15%

This gives a longer burning time and higher, more intense, heat output.

100% Kiln dried hardwood.

40 Net Bags = approx 400 logs.

Approx 10Kg.

Approx 10 logs in each bag.

Burning time of each bag is 8-10 hours.

Moisture content below 15%

Log length 28 cm.

Kiln logs are more efficient and economical with slow burning at very high temperature.

35% more calorific than seasoned firewood logs, this means you get four times more burning time than you would with soft wood. When burning this wood gives an intense red glow.

Ideal for standard sized stoves and fireplaces.

Low Maintenance fuel.

Hardly any ashes. Reduces Chimney cleaning, hardly any soot or smoke.

Reduces burn on glass fronted stoves.

Easy and clean fuel to handle.

High Heat Output.

Burns three times longer than softwood logs.

All Kiln logs have been dried in a kiln. This is an ideal way to reduce the moisture content of the logs below 20% The lower the moisture content of your firewood, the more heat is produced as less energy is used to evaporate any remaining moisture in the log.

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