Wood to warm the cockles of your hearth!

November 12, 2017 0 By trevor

Wood to warm the cockles of your hearth!

Now’s the time to start preparing for the long winter months ahead by ordering your top quality kiln dried logs, from Log on for Logs, delivered direct to your door. We supply the best quality ash, oak, beech, hornbean kiln dried wood. Sound like a brag? It is , we know its the best and we use it ourselves. The moisture content is never more than 19%, so the wood is suitable for all fires, including new stoves. The wood burns nice and clean, so less wear and tear on chimneys and stoves, and less mess for you!

Easy to set and light, kiln dried fires don’t require the same amount of preparation as other woods. Need a demo of how this works? Just ask us and we can send you a “how to” video for setting and lighting fires.

Want to give it a try? Just call in and get a single bag. Convinced already? Call, email, or order online and we will deliver to your door the best kiln dried wood money can buy. Looking forward to your custom! LogonforLogs.com

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